Champions League Group Stage Ratings

All four English teams are through to the knockout phase of this year's Champions League. Who has impressed, who has left much to be desired and could we see another English team in the final this season? Read on to find out!! Liverpool FC – Liverpool had arguably the toughest Champions League group out of... Continue Reading →

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The Beginning of the End: The Free Press under threat!

Following an explosive and hostile press conference, the White House have barred CNN reporter Jim Acosta from doing his job and attending press events at the White House. The official reason for this is because Acosta “assaulted” a member of White House staff, but the real reason for his barring is his hard line questioning... Continue Reading →

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Kavanaugh: Dividing a Nation, Uniting a Cause

For the last few weeks, the United States of America has been gripped by one of the most enthralling political sagas in its history. The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has been highly contentious, even before allegations of sexual assault emerged. In the last week, the world heard testimony from one... Continue Reading →

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The Incredibles 2 – A Review

The Parr family have finally returned to our screens 14 years after their first outing in 2004. The first film was an instant classic, remembered fondly by many and because of this, the second entry has been eagerly anticipated since it was announced back in 2014 that a sequel was in the works. I for... Continue Reading →

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Returning Heroes: England’s World Cup Success Story

The newspaper headlines this morning looked very familiar, the front pages were plastered with titles such as “England are going home”, or “England out of the World Cup”. However, this time around there is a different feel to England’s exit from the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Gone are the feeling of despair, replaced by... Continue Reading →

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – A Review

ATTENTION - SPOILERS AHEAD; PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!! The first Jurassic Park is a classic, no question. It’s timeless and one of my favourite films of all time. The effects haven’t aged at all and the story is enthralling, even on the 100th re-watch. The franchise started in 1994 and now in 2018 the fifth film... Continue Reading →

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Russia 2018 World Cup Group Predictions

With the first match of the tournament just under a week away, which teams are favourites to top their groups, and which will potentially be the dark horses of the tournament? This World Cup is an interesting one, teams such as Iceland and Egypt will want to prove that they can take on the big... Continue Reading →

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Original Article   Yesterday (24/05/2018) I posted an article regarding Trump’s use of the term “animals” to describe members of MS-13, a gang in the United States started by illegal immigrants in the 1980s. In this article I explained the dangers of Trump using this term and that it may justify people’s actions against immigrants,... Continue Reading →

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Trump: ‘Immigrant gang members are animals, not people.’ Why is this statement from the President even more dangerous than anything he has said before?

Trump referring to illegal immigrants as animals On the 16th of May, President Donald Trump was discussing immigration and migrant crime in a meeting with a Fresno sheriff, where the topic had come up. This isn’t a strange occurrence, Trump loves to talk about immigration and how tough he is on it. During his election... Continue Reading →

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Gillette – Making me proud to be a man

Gillette’s newest advert has caused quite the stir. In taking a new stance, an admirable stance at that, many men and women have criticised the company for advertising their product to “less masculine men”. Why this is a problem I don’t know. The new advert has slightly changed their famous slogan of “the best a... Continue Reading →

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