Premier League Predictions 2019/20

The Premier League is upon us once more! The transfer window slammed shut last night in dramatic fashion, and managers, players and fans alike are turning their full attention to this weekends opening games. But the season is a long slog towards potential glory, with some flying to the end with relative ease, some going... Continue Reading →

Gillette – Making me proud to be a man

Gillette’s newest advert has caused quite the stir. In taking a new stance, an admirable stance at that, many men and women have criticised the company for advertising their product to “less masculine men”. Why this is a problem I don’t know. The new advert has slightly changed their famous slogan of “the best a... Continue Reading →

Champions League Group Stage Ratings

All four English teams are through to the knockout phase of this year's Champions League. Who has impressed, who has left much to be desired and could we see another English team in the final this season? Read on to find out!! Liverpool FC – Liverpool had arguably the toughest Champions League group out of... Continue Reading →

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